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TCSJOHNHUXLEY is advancing in key markets with its comprehensive range of products designed to enhance performance across the casino floor

Friday, 17 May 2013 17:24
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With a wide range of products including gaming tables, roulette wheels, chip sorting machines and e-FX and Omni winning number displays, TCSJOHNHUXLEY is enjoying a time of growth across the continent. The collection will be on display at G2E Asia.

“We’re delighted at our progress in the Asia region, with 2012 being a record year for our business,” said marketing manager Tracy Cohen. “The Solaire opening [in Manila] was a highlight, with us providing 295 custom-designed tables for the main gaming floor which were predominantly baccarat tables and a further 50 tables for dealer training. In addition, we supplied all the table layouts, Omni Baccarat electronic displays, electronics for Sic Bo, Philippine-themed money wheel, plus all metal and acrylic table accessories. We also expanded our presence in Vietnam supplying the soon-to-be-opened Ho Tram casino. Our Macau business continues to steadily grow and our strategy remains to supply products, solutions and support that helps to drive and grow our customers’ business. We aim to continue to attract the best talent we can in sales, service and support to meet the market requirements.”

For G2E Asia, the spotlight will be on products including Gaming Floor Live, the real-time game optimisation tool designed to maximise key performance areas and profitability, now available across baccarat, sic bo and roulette games. Introduced as a roulette solution, Gaming Floor Live automatically captures game data which provides information to maximize turnover, maintain the house advantage, reduce operating costs and understand opportunity costs. The system enables casino managers to measure performance, benchmark optimum results and compare real-time performance against the selected benchmark, providing live feedback to dealers, floor and casino management.


Gaming Floor Live automatically captures game data which provides information to maximize turnover, maintain the house advantage, reduce operating costs and understand opportunity costs.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY said other highlights include the Supernova Table Bonus System, which delivers floor-wide progressive and game bonusing to all live table games, and Xia Tablet, the server-based roulette solution that allows players to play live roulette tables on a touch screen tablet device throughout a gaming venue.

Through Supernova, operators can offer multiple jackpot and bonus levels, mystery bonus prizes at the tables, and have mystery win animations to drive table excitement.

With the Xia tablet, players visit the cash desk and deposit a stake, which is then loaded onto the device by staff. The customer then can use the tablet anywhere in the casino to play roulette. All results are delivered in real time via a wired game server, then a visual representation is sent to the tablet via a wi-fi connection.

In addition to those key products TCSJOHNHUXLEY is launching some new regionally inspired games. Sicbo Blaze is the first of these featuring the company’s latest gaming surface technology. Game animations are projected through a traditional gaming layout, which brings added excitement to the game and attracts new players by making tables stand out on the gaming floor. For added game security, all winning bets and game sequences are highlighted and standard gaming layouts cover the complete table surface instead of the traditional Perspex playing surface. Blaze gaming surface technology will be rolled out in the coming year to cover a variety of table games.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is optimistic about the future of Asian gaming.

“Growth will continue in the region as we’ve seen in Q1 with the opening of new markets further solidifying that growth,” said Cath Burns, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Group CEO. “Over the past 12 months we have focused heavily on investing in our products and our people. To meet the growing market demands we have strengthened our team by hiring the right people to drive our business forward as well as making a continued commitment to develop key products for the region. Asia is an extremely important market to us. We continue to grow our market share in Macau, Singapore and Malaysia and with new markets in the Philippines and Vietnam opening up we are excited about the future.”

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